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About SophSoft

SophSoft, Incorporated is an independent game development company based in East Lansing, Michigan (USA).  It was originally founded on January 13, 1982, as Sophisticated Software Systems.  It was incorporated in February, 1996, and remains 100% privately held, so we are only accountable to our clients and ourselves.

SophSoft has worked on scores of published game titles, as well as various other projects, over the years.  We have worked with game publishers and developers including Microsoft, Zombie Studios, Legend Entertainment, Encore Software, Bally, MVP Software, and Goodsol Development, Inc.

Some of the contract projects we worked on include:

  • Locus (Zombie/GT Interactive)
  • Mission Critical (Legend Entertainment/RandomSoft)
  • ZPC: No Flesh Shall Be Spared (Zombie/GT Interactive)
  • Vegas Fever: High Rollers Edition (Encore)
  • Spec Ops: Rangers Lead the Way (Zombie/Ripcord)
  • Microsoft Plus! Bicycle Card Games (Microsoft)
  • MVP Backgammon Professional (MVP Software)
  • Pretty Good Solitaire [Windows] (Goodsol Development)
  • Pretty Good MahJongg [Win/Mac] (Goodsol Development)
  • Action Solitaire (Goodsol Development)
  • Most Popular Solitaire [Win/Mac/iOS] (Goodsol Development)
  • Goodsol Solitaire 101 [Win/Mac/iOS] (Goodsol Development)
  • Pretty Good Solitaire [Mac/iOS] (Goodsol Development)
  • FreeCell Plus [Win/Mac/iOS] (Goodsol Development)
  • A Little Solitaire (Goodsol Development)

[titles in bold were developed entirely by SophSoft as complete products]

In addition to the above, we have done work on several lower profile products and, as with any game developer having a lengthy track record, a number of projects which did not get published for various reasons.

SophSoft also publishes its own games under the Digital Gamecraft® label [below], but does not currently accept submissions from other developers.

Gregg Seelhoff, Principal

The principal for all SophSoft projects is Gregg Seelhoff, who has been programming games for more than 40 years.  In addition to his work on the above projects, he also worked on the following classic computer games:

  • Legacy of the Ancients [DOS] (Quest Software/Electronic Arts)
  • Legend of Blacksilver [Apple] (Quest Software/Epyx)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation, "A Final Unity" [Extended DOS] (Spectrum HoloByte)

Gregg Seelhoff served twice as Chairman of the Board of the (now defunct) Association of Shareware Professionals.

Aside from his game development and programming talents, he is an expert in traditional board and card games, a race car driver, a pinball wizard, and a proud grandfather.

You can contact Gregg directly via email:

Digital Gamecraft®

Digital Gamecraft logo

Digital Gamecraft publishes independently developed games, including:

More new game titles and different SKUs are in active development.

Digital Gamecraft is a registered trademark of SophSoft, Incorporated.


  • 2024: You are here.
  • 2022: SophSoft celebrates 40 years in business.
  • 2021: Digital Gamecraft® is officially awarded a registered trademark.
  • 2019: Sherry Seelhoff, Operations Director and SophSoft founding partner, passes away unexpectedly.
  • 2013: Digital Gamecraft releases Demolish! Pairs.
  • 2011: Art Director and long-time business partner, Rick Tumanis, passes away.
  • 2001: SophSoft begins long-term collaboration with Goodsol Development.
  • 1996: Company is incorporated, changing its official name to SophSoft, Incorporated.
  • 1994: Business expands to full-time operations.
  • 1982: Sophisticated Software Systems is founded.